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Terri Tait commented on Felicity Adderley's blog post re: T.P.Cooke - Actor
"Felicity, If you are still researching the theatrical Cooke family, I would like to correspond. Regards, Terri"
Apr 28, 2018

Felicity Adderley's blog

re: T.P.Cooke - Actor

Regarding my family history - This gentleman was a well known English actor, acted in naval roles.

Born 23.4.l786 Marylebone,   died in l864, 37 Thurloe Square.

I am interested to know who his wife was, please?

He was the father of Martha Mary Cooke, also actress, I think she also had a sister.

Wondering when Martha was born (I think in Bath) and when she died (probably in Australia,)

Help would be appreciated,




Posted on March 8, 2012 at 13:59 — 25 Comments

Harriet Jones Actress

Trying to find out what boat Harriet Jones, actress came out on in perhaps November l825.

Believed to have landed in Sydney  N.S.W with two children and possibly husband.

Acted with Barnett Levey's Theatre.

Posted on February 26, 2012 at 11:01 — 12 Comments

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At 0:15 on April 1, 2012, Mark X Wheelan-Lamont said…


George Thomson, husband of Martha Mary Cooke, is related through my Thomson line. We are connected through my 4xGreat-grandparents, George Thomson & Elizabeth Allen of Glasgow; my ancestress being their youngest daughter and Andrew, their eldest son, being the father of George, husband of Martha.

While Jane Elizabeth was born in Warrington, the two younger daughters were in fact born in Tasmania. I found records of their births in the Australian Pioneer Index records. Christina Mary was born in 1827, Eliza Marion in 1832.

Regarding "George's people" (love it) being against the union, I cannot say for certain. However, I can certainly imagine that the marriage to an actress may have triggered a few very tender nerves.  Two years prior to their marriage, George's parents went through a somewhat public divorce. His father was drinker and adulterer, and seemed unconcerned about discretion, openly keeping a long-term mistress, as well as being seen about town with several other "female acquaintances". After being publicy humiliated once too often, his mother, Jane Craig (1781-1865), filed for divorce. Andrew attempted to eject her from the house and, when that didn't work, attempted to remove the children and furniture from her. A Sequestration Order was issued against him, and ther divorce granted shortly after.  The mistress was an actress.  In 1807 Andrew had purchased the Dunlop Street Theater in Glasgow, and thus began the scandal.  An extract of their divorce record is found on pages 140-142 of Leah Leneman's 1998 book "Alienated Affections: The Scottish Experience of Divorce and Separation 1684-1830"

At 0:15 on April 1, 2012, Mark X Wheelan-Lamont said…

Whatever the situation, it certainly does not appear that Jane held any animosity toward Martha or her grand-daughters, and her  Will provided for these ladies quite handomely.  Thought these extracts may be of interest.

"Item: To Mrs JANE ELIZABETH THOMSON or VEZIN spouse of HERMANN VEZIN London and to her lawful issue the sum of One Thousand Pounds Sterling subject to the conditions and provisions hereinafter written

Item: To Mrs CHRISTINA MARY THOMSON or JONES spouse of CHARLES EDWARD JONES New South Wales, and her lawful issue, the sum of One Thousand Pounds Sterling subject to the conditions and provisions hereinafter written.

Item: To Mrs ELIZA MARION THOMSON or GOODWIN spouse of MEDMAIR LUSHINGTON GOODWIN Tasmania and her lawful issue the sum of Five Hundred Pound Sterling subject to the conditions and provisions hereinafter written,"

"I provide and declare that in the case of the legacies and provisions hereinbefore written in favor of the said...... Mrs JANE ELIZABETH THOMSON or VEZIN, Mrs CHRISTINA MARY THOMSON or JONES, and Mrs ELIZA MARION THOMSON or GOODWIN of the several sums hereinbefore bequested to them and in the event of them or any of them being alive at the periods when their said provisions respectively become payable and having lawful issue then the payment of such legacies and provisions shall be postponed beyond the respective periods of payment as hereinbefore mentioned, And I direct my Trustees to apply the annual income and produce of the same to and for the benefit of such .......Mrs JANE ELIZABETH THOMSON or VEZIN, Mrs CHRISTINA MARY THOMSON or JONES, and Mrs ELIZA MARION THOMSON or GOODWIN respectively who may be in the position hereinbefore mentioned and who but for this declaration would have been entitled to the fee thereof and to retain the said legacies and provisions and invest the same in their own names for benefit of any such person or persons in liferent, and to their lawful issue in fee, so that such of the said......Mrs JANE ELIZABETH THOMSON or VEZIN, Mrs CHRISTINA MARY THOMSON or JONES, and Mrs ELIZA MARION THOMSON or GOODWIN as may be in the position foresaid may draw and receive only the annual income and produce of their respective legacies and provisions during their lifetimes for their alimentary use allonarly and that the Capital may be paid to their lawful issue respectively upon the deaths of their respective parents equally among them if more than one in fee." (other legatees named in the text removed for brevity)

"Item: A ring to each of my grand daughters Mrs JANE THOMSON SCOTT or BUCHANAN, Mrs JANE ELIZABETH THOMSON or VEZIN and JANE HELEN MACLAGAN."

"I beg here to record it as a wish of mine, which I confide in my daughter the said CHRISTINA CLELAND THOMSON,  giving effect namely that after her death the likeness of Mrs FULLERTON may be delivered to the said Mrs ANDREW MARY THOMSON or FREESE, the likeness of Mr THOMSON may be delivered to his daughter the said ISOBEL CAMPBELL THOMSON, the likeness of my late brother ROBERT CRAIG together with the likeness of CHRISTINA CRAIG may be delivered to ROBERT FREDERICK SCOTT and that Mrs CHRISTINA MARY THOMSON or JONES may receive her father's likeness."

"To each of my great grand daughters REBECCA JONES, JANE JONES and ISABELLA YOUNG and their respective heirs the sum of Five Hundred Pounds Sterling,"

"In the fifth place, to continue after my death the payments to Mrs MARY COOKE or THOMSON and to JOHN SCOTT....for the respective annual allowances which they may be receiving from me at the time of my decease payable in the same way and at the same times as the said respective allowances may have been paid by me and that during all the days and years of their respective lives."

"And in the last place, my Trustees shall at and immediately after the decease of the said CHRISTINA CLELAND THOMSON, or in the event of her predeceasing me, then and as soon as they conveniently can, consistently with the other purposes of the Trust, make payment out of the residue of my estate directed in my Will to be liferented to the said CHRISTINA CLELAND THOMSON, of the sum of Six Thousand Pounds Sterling, to such of my grandchildren ELIZABETH JANE VEZIN, MARY CHRISTINA JONES and MARION GOODWIN or to their lawful issue respectively; Declaring that the whole provisions legacies or bequests hereby made as far as in favour of females shall be expressly exclusive of the jus mariti and right of administration of any husband they have married, or may marry, and shall not be affectable by the debts or deeds of such husbands nor alterable by the diligence of their creditors..."

All the typing I can face for now


At 7:41 on April 1, 2012, Mark X Wheelan-Lamont said…

If you would like to contact me directly, I can respond with a George's original birth registration, sourced through the scotlandspeople site.

My addy is mxwlamont (at) hotmail.com

At 20:54 on April 1, 2012, Mark X Wheelan-Lamont said…

Meant to add, would appreciate any info on your branch of the family that you have. It is a ine I've had little luck with. I know of 3 children; Rebecca, Jane, & Charles Edward, and that Rebecca married Fred Zeplin and had 4 children. I've also come across an article about Charles' cause of death. Other than that I've no idea.

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