The B2455 file for Wolverine

The B2455 file for one of my relatives who served in WW1 is "missing".

This particular relative also served in WW2.   I have read previously that the WW1 file might be combined with the WW2 file.   I have other cases where that didn't happen,  so I don't know if the practice was consistent.

Is it possible to find out if this has happened ?  If this has happened,  is it possible to get the WW1 file like Wolverine?

He is William Walter Samuel Hewson,  born 18 July 1893 at Coonamble,   serivce number 4777 of the 13th reinforcements of the 30th Battalion, but when he returned in 1919 he was supposedly part of the 50th battalion.

His WW2 service number was N102607 and he served from 1941 to 1947 as a sergeant in D A O E C, whatever that is.

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