Just joined and finding this very user unfriendly.

I searched for my father under the names search but only got a very short detail page.  

I noticed that there is no page symbol in the digitised Item column as there are for some records.

Please help....

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Hi John,

You haven't given any specific details of the record that you looked at (series#, name etc), but I'm guessing that this is a record that does not have any restrictions. It sounds as if it just hasn't been digitised yet, but I believe that the NAA is working hard to scan all World War II Army and Air Force service records in the series B883, B884, A9300 and A9301. This big task is supposed to be completed by June 2023.

If your record mentions either series A9300 or A9301 (i.e. RAAF files), you can decide to wait or you can can speed the process up by ordering and paying for the digitisation of your dad's file.

rgds, Sylvia

Hi Sylvia

it is series A9301.  Do you know how much it costs to get it sooner?



I think that digitizing starts at abt $36, but if you click on "request a copy" (this should be located on a blue bar at the right hand side of the record), it will give you those details before you have to commit to anything.


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