I'm trying to find service records of my grand father George M Armstrong. His service no. is QX 20832 and he was a POW by the Japanese in the Pacific. He was in Changhi Prison. His wifes name was Elsie Armstrong and he would have come from Queensland Australia. If someone could help me I would greatly appeciate it.


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You can search for records about your grandfather’s service. To search RecordSearch:

• Go to our website at www.naa.gov.au
• Under ‘The Collection’ tab select ‘Search the Collection’, then select ‘Begin your search’
• In the ‘Keywords’ box, enter QX20832 (without a space between QX and the digits)
• Select ‘Search’ or press the ‘Enter’ key


You will retrieve two item descriptions. The item with the series number B883 is his service record. This item has already been digitised, and you can view the record online by clicking on the icon to the far right of the item listing.

The item with the series number B503 is an application made to the Prisoners of War Trust Fund. This item hasn’t been digitised yet. If you wish, you can purchase a copy of this record. To do this:

• Click on the ‘Control symbol’ link in the item listing
• Select the ‘Request copy’ link
• Select ‘Continue’ and follow the prompts through our e-commerce system.

If you would like to purchase a paper copy of the service record, you can also do this through our e-commerce system.




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