Hi there,

Was informed I could access records that have not been digitised as yet which I have tried to  do but to no avail. Is there a secret to  how one needs to go about obtaining records that are open but not available online as yet please

Thanks in Advance for any help supplied

Much appreciated.


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Patricia,  First you need to do a search in RECORD SEARCH and bring up the record - when you find it there is a spot to click on to request a copy (there is a fee involved for WW2 records that are not already online)

Just put the persons name in to start with -  if you get stuck then can you list this persons name and someone can try & find it for you  - there are some that are not online as yet


Thanks Elizabeth, was aware of such but must have been misinformed re being able to open records from record search if they hadn't been digitised, without the cost. 

Thanks for you time 


Patricia,  The only way to do it without cost if the WW2 record is not already online,  is to go to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra where you can view them free of charge


Patricia,    Sorry in my last message I mentioned the Australian War Memorial - I meant the National Archives in Canberra although from memory a relative of mine was able to research WW1 records at the AWM

this link might help  - I am unable to edit my post or reply in the correct place for some reason (gremlins)



Hi Patricia,

Just to confirm Elizabeth's advice, you have two options to access a WWII service record that hasn't been digitised. You can either view the original record in our reading room in Canberra, or purchase a digital copy through RecordSearch.

If you did want to visit the reading room, please contact us at least 5 days in advance of your visit so that we can ensure the record is ready to view when you arrive. You can do this through our 'advance request' online form..

Any record which has already been digitised can be viewed online for free. This includes all WWI service records, some WWII service records and a wide variety of other records from our collection.

Kind regards,

Andrew Cairns
(NAA Staff)


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