I am researching fellow crewmembers who served during WW2 with my father. One crew member was from the RAAF. His name was Sgt. Ogilvie, DW. I have looked in the archives and have only found one suitable name; Desmond Ogilvie, (Q145931) born in Maryborough QLD who signed up at Kelvin Grove QLD. He was not registered with a middle name or initial so I'm not confident but he seems to be the only RAAF member that suits the records from The Operational Record Books from the RAF. 

If he is the right person, he served in RAF 148 Sq, (Special Duties). Primarily supplying partisans in the Balkans, Italy and Poland in 1944 based in Brindisi, Italy. 

I am trying to locate any descendants of Sgt. Ogilvie or even himself (he would be in his mid to late nineties now) 

Sgt. Ogilvie is the third person from the left in the attached phot. My father, Sgt. Andrew C Barron RAF is fourth from the left.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Thank You,

Drew Barron

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Drew,  His info from the nominal roll if that helps - it appears he was in the Army so not sure he is the one you need


you can check the nominal roll under RAAF on the following link so I hope you find what you are looking for


there are 37 possibles listed there


Drew,   That Desmond OGILVIE was also signed up under another service number on this NAA Record Search

OGILVIE DESMOND : Service Number - 187271 : Date of birth - 08 Nov 1923 : Place of birth - MARYBOROUGH QLD : Place of enlistment - ARCHERFIELD : Next of Kin - OGILVIE KATHERINE

record is not open as yet but can be requested for a fee   - not sure if this one shows up in the Nominal Roll or not


Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for your tips however, it seems I have some key information wrong.

As it turns out, it's me and my mistakes. the fellows name is Ogilvy with a "Y" and the initials are BW. I don't know how I got that so wrong. I guess it's because I've got a few crew members on the go. 

Thanks again for your efforts.


Drew,  It might be David William OGILVY - he is listed twice on the Nominal Roll (both RAAF)

that BW initials might be an error?

good luck


Hi Elizabeth, I am now leaning towards DW Ogilvy for sure. Thank you!


Drew  His posting at discharge was 650 squadron but of course he could have been transferred previously

If you need it let me know and I will try & trace him in the electoral rolls


Drew,  I checked the ERs - there were two with the same name but the one you need is David William OGILVY who was in Queensland Electoral Rolls

I found his death in Queensland on the Ryerson Index as follows


d. 15th Apri, 2016 aged 95 years

late of Currimundi, formerly of Wooroolin

This was a Funeral notice

I hope this is the man you are looking for


Hi Elizabeth, I have found the funeral home that did the service for David William OGILVY and have contacted them. Fingers crossed…...



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