Trying to locate information on Corporal Eric Westley Day N17856. PNG

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Marianne,  You can request a copy of his records via this link (there is a fee involved)

If the above link stops working you can just type his name into the Record Search on this site

Are you only looking for his military records or do you need other information such as BDM records?


Hi Maryanne,

This is Peter Dowling 55/53 Bn Assoc. Eric W Day was a member of the Battalion. He Died in Orange district 19.3.2012. I found his details in the battalion War Diary during 1944.

Kind regards Peter

Hi Peter,
Thanks for your info.
I did know that he was of the Battalion because he was my Uncle's Corporal of 'C' company when he was killed in action at Sanananda, and wrote the most wonderful and sad letter to my grandmother informing her. It was very heartfelt.
I was hoping to contact his relatives of which I have some leads, (although not definite), to see if they would like to read it as well and talk to them about the kind of Corporal he was to this group of young men under him. I am just so sad that I did not know he was still alive until about 5 years ago; as he would have had possibly the most insight into Uncle Claude's character and activities in PNG. I understand that this would also have been dependant on his health and well being as well at such an age.
I would be most grateful if you would have any information whereas I may be able to contact them?


Marianne Forshaw


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