hi all

My secondary school students and I have been accessing these files at naa for a number of years and appreciate the time that has gone into digitalising these records. A great service for those who cannot easily get to Canberra. We first began looking at these files in 2001 when researching Victorian men who died at Gallipoli. This resulted in book that was published in 2002. We followed up with another book after researching the men of the 4th Light horse Regiment who were at Beersheba in 1917. 

My request is similar to that posted by Peter Mitchell in Dec. Our current research is the men of Victoria's 14th Battalion who served at Gallipoli in 1915- nearly 2000 in total. There are 10 men whose files have been amalgamated with their ww2 record. Five are open and 5 have not yet been examined.

I am hoping that Toni will be able to post a request to have these files digitalised for us. I take the liberty of providing their details in anticipation.

Open files: 

robert watts 1519 v4565

joseph o'rourke 1800  345707

bertram perry 487 v359738

william oram 526 3/127

arthur wiffen 2228 vx23063

Not yet examined files;

lewis lloyd 733 v84054

albert smith 2215 v362509

john owens 1497 v4678

norman strack 2/lieut nx101779

julian guinness 1146 w26421

thank you for providing this service to researchers

regards Graeme Massey


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Hello Graeme

I have submitted a request for the post-WWI defence service records for the service men above to be digitised, as their WWI service has been amalgamated into the later record of service.  I'll let you know when the records have been digitised.



(NAA staff)

Hi Graeme

A number of the WWI/WWII service records for the 14Battalion soldiers you were researching have been digitised and can be viewed in RecordSearch. If you just do a keyword search using the WWII service number you should retrieve the item with the WWII digital copy.

LLOYD LEWIS : Service Number - V84054 (Barcode 6285497)

SMITH ALBERT : Service Number - V362509 (Barcode 6640686)

OWENS JOHN : Service Number - V4678 (Barcode 6617228)

STRACK NORMAN KINGSLEY : Service Number - NX101779 (Barcode 5655484)

GUINNESS JULIAN : Service Number - W26421 (Barcode 6499328)

WATTS ROBERT MONTGOMERY : Service Number - V4565 (Barcode 6100918)

PERRY BERTRAM HAROLD : Service Number - V359738 (Barcode 6639761)

WIFFEN ARTHUR GEORGE : Service Number - VX23063 (Barcode 6207342)



Hi Tonia

Thank you so much for doing this. Great to get a response so rapidly, much appreciated.

Kind regards



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