I would like to know where I can locate records of those soldiers from WWl who enlisted under a different name.

Thank you.  Helen

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Hi Helen,

The AIF Project is compiling a list of aliases which you can see on their website


They have come from the men's service records and so it is an ongoing project and not all are included yet.

If you can't find your person you can try a few other things such as searching the NAA records using his date of birth (day and month only as often they were underage and lied about the year), place of birth, place of enlistment, mother's maiden surname, or names of anyone he might have named as next of kin.  You might have a bit of a search, but I do know of people who have had success with this method.  They often retained their first name so that sometimes helps to narrow the results.  Of course if you have his service number you can search with that as well.


Thank you so much.  I know he was under age, so you have given me a starting point.



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