I also love the National Archives and have received loads of information to add to our Family History.


My question is when will the World War II records be available on-line like the Word War I records.  I have paid $25 for many records to be available which are now on line for any member of the public to access, so it can't be a privacy issue.


Are they being digitised?  When will they all be available?


Cheers, Kevin

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Dear Kevin

I am pleased that you have been able to build some of your family history using information from the National Archives of Australia.  At the moment, we have no plans to make the Worl War II records available online in the same way that we did the World War I records.  All of the World War II records have been listed on our online database RecordsSearch, and you are able to purchase copies of those records you are interested in.

To digitise all of the WWII records would be a huge task.  There are more than three times as many service records than for WWI. Also, many of the service men and women are still alive and we have to examine each record to ensure the privacy of living people, rather than releasing the information in the records as was done for the WWI records as the majority had passed away.  For those records that you have already obtained copies of, one of our examiners will have spent time making sure that the personal affairs of the file subject were not released if the people were still alive. 



NAA staff



Thanks Tonia.


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