Hello, I am trying to find information about my uncle: William J. Penglase born 23/2/1927. He enlisted in 194? in the Merchant Navy at Port Melbourne, Victoria. Service No. PM8334. Discharged 8/5/1945.

He may have been on board the HMAS Lonsdale.

He is listed as a 'farm hand' from Murrabit. His father is listed as James P Penglase, however Penglase is my uncle's adoptive surname and his correct birth surname is Parsons.

Any information is welcome ... thank you.

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Hi Elisabeth,

Can you narrow down what you are looking for as I'm sure that you've already seen his online military file on the NAA site. Are you after his later details eg marriage, death, children instead? (I believe that there is a possible veteran file for him, but that hasn't been examined yet)

BTW he seems to have enlisted on 8 May 1945 (18Y old), while his discharge ("demob") occurred on 5 Mar 1947!

rgds, Sylvia

PS I'm wondering whether "Lonsdale" might have been the naval depot at Port Melbourne instead: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMAS_Lonsdale

Hi Sylvia,

Thanks for writing to me!

I have searched for any details relating to Uncle Bill's service record but keep coming up with no record. I know he married in 1948 however, I have learnt that he was in another relationship after the breakdown of his first mariage.

I have also learrned that HMAS Lonsdale is the place of enrolment and not a ship ... silly me! 

I'm after 'any' information, no matter how insignificant it may seem to others. I've only recently met his daughter of whom I had no knowledge. 



Elizabeth,  Following is the link to his two page record on NAA and the 2nd link is his listing on the DVA Nominal Roll -  his last posting was listed as HMAS Lonsdale which is very likely the ship he was on when discharged

I can only find him listed once in the electoral rolls in 1967 living in the Lalor electorate of Victoria



The Ryerson Index has two death notices for him

PENGLASE William Joseph (Bill) Death notice 16MAR2009 Death 81 late of Macksville and Nambucca Heads Guardian News (Nambucca Heads) 26MAR2009
PENGLASE William Joseph (Bill) Funeral notice 16MAR2009 Death 81 late of Autumn Lodge, formerly of Newville Cottage Park, Nambucca Heads Courier Mail (Brisbane) 21MAR2009


Hello Elizabeth,

Many thanks for writing and find finding this information for me! I'm thrilled and will look into it...



Last May, someone had placed a “seeking information” notice in the Herald Sun mentioning that William “married Elsie E. Walker in 1948, and had a son named Raymond (Of course this is William’s first wife Elsie Elizabeth Walker who he married in Victoria in 1948)


FYI be careful with Ancestry trees as they seem to contain major errors for your William Joseph Penglase.

Hello Sylvia,

That was me  ... I placed the notice in the Sunday paper.

Thanks for the 'caution' too ... often the person doesn't want to be found or before computers it was often up to the scribe to enter correct information regardless of their skill with spelling. 


Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for this information ... I will look into it and see how it goes. 

Sorry for the delay in replying to your information.



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