Hello to all.

I have just joined this forum and hoping for help.

I am researching my family history and I have fingers crossed for this query.

My Gt Gt Grandfather had son called William Howlett b 1885 Carlisle, England. William emigrated to Australia via Assisted Immigration in 1911 to Queensland. He married a Flora Cameron ( date unknown ) and they had a son Henry William ( date unknown ). William joined the AIF in 1915 into the 35th Battalion at Broadmeadow. He was serving at Messines, Belgium when he was killed in action July 1917. 

I am hoping some relatives of theirs visit this site or can someone please tell where I should be searching. Any help will be great.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Ivor Norman ( Carlisle, England ).

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Hello Ivor,

On the NAA home page, select the hyperlink 'record search' and go to 'Name Search' on the next page.

When you enter his name (don't forget to select 'All Records'!), there will be 108 records listed. His Service Number is 101. Just tick the box beside every listing with his name and number in the title and then 'View Selection'. You can print the list of his records (not all digitised) and look at the main record.

I hope this is clear enough for you.

Good luck.

Meredith (Victoria, Australia)


I just found that the family lived in New South Wales, not Queensland and that the marriage was in 1912, with Henry born in 1913.

Cheers again.


Many thanks Meredith, that's a great help.

I've already found William's service record on here and very interesting it was. His wife, Flora, is my next search area.

A lot of the British WW1 records were lost/damaged during WW2 including my Grandfather's and his 2 brothers, sad.. So it's nice to fill in some gaps in my "tree".. 

Thank-you again Meredith.

Regards Ivor...

Hello Meredith

After joining worldwide ancestry, I've discovered a fair bit on my Howlett's in Australia & New Zealand now.  Found out that Wm & Flora's son Henry (aka Harry Howlett) went onto to work in Radio as an actor and writer for radio shows, he also worked with Peter Finch the well known actor. I'm pleased he went onto do well for himself after losing his father so early. Chapeau to Harry. Going to look into Harry soon.. Regards Ivor..


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