Albert Victor Alldridge Q22508 - DOB 26/06/1918  PLACE Legume, NSW - Enlistment Warwick, Qld - there is no photo on his file, can you please explain why that would be.

Also there is a scan of a negative on another relative Vivian Noel Alldridge Q126531 DOB 26/01/1923 PLACE Stanthorpe, Qld Enlistment Stanthorpe, Qld  - no photo as the negative scanned does not reveal the photo.

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Dear Cheryl

Thank you for your question, the NAA website has some information about service records and photographs. 

Researching war service |

The National Archives Reference services team can assist you further with questions about photographs and negatives also. 

Please go to the below webpage and submit an online inquiry. 

Ask us about the collection |

Yours sincerely


NAA staff member


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