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I am working on a project involving the 10th Reinforcements of 28 Battalion AIF that went to Egypt departing on 1 April 1916.  The HMAT Ulysses A38 held just over 2,000 troops, many of them sappers in the Mining Corps - featured in the recent film 'Beneath Hill 60'.  

By way of learning about the voyage overseas I am keen to access the ship's diary - I seem to recall seeing mention of these, but now cannot locate a reference.

I would be grateful for advice as to whether the diaries exist and if so how they may be accessed.


Many thanks

Peter Mitchell

Perth Western Australia



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Hi Peter

Apologies for the delay in responding to your posting.  The Australian War Memorial holds AIF unit diaries, for more information see http://www.awm.gov.au/collection/records/.  The WWI war diaires that have been digitised by the AWM can be found at https://www.awm.gov.au/collection/records/awm4/ (please note, not all diaries have been digitised), and the diary for the unit you are interested may may make mention of the voyage.

From the AWM's website, it appears that the commanding officers of ships provided monthly or quarterly reports on their ship's activities.  The AWM have digitised some of these from WWII, and I am unsure whether this type of record was kept in WWI.

I recommend you contact the AWM's research centre as they will be able to advise if the diaries exist and will be able to help find one if they do.



(NAA staff)




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