How can I find out what dates were drawn in the ballot?

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Good morning,

Records of which birthdates were drawn in the 1965-1972 National Service ballots can be found in the file below:

National Service Ballots (list of birthdates drawn in the National Service Ballot held on 10 March 1965 - 22 September 1972 - conscription - Ballots 1 - 16)
Contents date range
1965 - 1972
Series number
Control symbol
NAA: AP848/23, 2
Item barcode

This record has been digitised and can be viewed online. Please click on the link below for instructions on how to do so.

Kind regards,

Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff

How to view and print online copies.docx

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for your reply, however, when I attempted to view the file as instructed, I received a message that

told me the link 'Failed - No file',


Wayne Keys

Hi Wayne,

That's odd. Not sure why it didn't work. I've copied the instructions below:

  1. Go to our homepage (naa.gov.au). Select Search the collection link on the homepage
  2. Select RecordSearch. You will be taken to the Basic search screen for an items search
  3. Select RecordSearch – Advanced Search blue tab. You will be taken to the Advanced search – Commonwealth Record Series (CRS) system search screen
  4. Select Items. You will be taken to the Advanced search – Items screen
  5. Enter the Item barcode (eg 1568655) in the item barcode field (you can also search on keywords) and select Search (or press the Enter key). You will be taken to the item display
  6. Select View digital copy (in the light blue bar) – a new window will open displaying the digital copy. Browse the pages by entering a page number and clicking Go or using the Next or Previous There is also an option to enlarge the image
  7. When you have finished browsing, close the digital copy window.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Andrew Cairns

NAA Staff


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