Victoria, Australia, Index to the Children's Registers of State Wards, 1850 -1893

I am wondering if anyone knows how to access this register. I am looking for a David Smith (b.1862). I have been able to access the basic information through ancestry but I was wondering if I could obtain access to more information.The details are Volume OS 3, page 303.

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The registers are digitised on PROV.

However they are indexed by surname, committal number and year, and because the name is SMITH it is easier to just put the name David Smith into the whole collection search at the top of the page where it says 'enter collection search terms here':

Put the name in and click on 'search'

On the next page go to the menu on the left hand side and under 'Series' scroll down until you find 'Ward registers' and click on that.  Your boy is number 3571.  Click on his name and on the next page click on 'download PDF'.

He had quite a few siblings who were also committed.  At the bottom of his record you will see:

Sisters - Nos.  3557 & 3558  Brothers - Nos.  3559, 3569 & 3570.

Again you can just search the whole collection with the surname and the number.  Searching for Smith 3557 returns a record for Anastasia SMITH , Smith 3558 is Catherine, note that there are two records there for her.  3559 is Andrew,  3569 is Thomas John and 3570 is James.

OK, I can see now that your David is also number 9246 as he was recommitted, and there is more information there.  His mother's partner is James DORAN of Ballarat. 


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