Hi i'm very new to all this and am trying to find out about my grandfather and his brother. I have tracked down their service numbers but don't quite know where to go from here. I think i found an old photo of Jack Bond ( my grandfathers brother) and would like to find more or just any information about them and my family before them. Thankyou!! any help would be appreciated!

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Hello Racheal

Apologies for the delay in responding to your post.  The first step you can make in funding out more about your grandfather and his brother is by getting a copy of their defence service records.  From your post, I'm not sure whether they served in WWI or WWII (or another campaign).  The National Archives has the service records for WWI and WWII, and can help you to get access to any other service record that is in the open access period, currently any service prior to 1981 (for more information about the open access period see fact sheet 10 http://naa.gov.au/collection/fact-sheets/fs10.aspx).

Service records for WWI have all been digitised and can be viewed online from our collection database, RecordSearch.  The service records from WWII have not been digitised, but you can purchase a copy by following the procedure outlined in the posting http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli

To find the service records in RecordSearch:

1) Go to http://naa.gov.au/collection/using/search/ and click on 'Search as a guest'

2) Click on the green 'NameSearch' tab

3) Enter the surname of one of the men into the 'Family name' field and select a category of records (eg WWi or WWII) from the drop-down menu

4) You may retrieve a large number of records.  You can refine your search by clicking on 'Refine this search result'.

5) As you know the service number, I recommend you just enter the service number into the 'Service number' field.  Sometimes only initials are entered into the database, and therefore a search using the first name/s isn't useful.

You should be able to identify the correct service record this way.  If you see a document icon on the right hand side of the screen, this means that there is already a digital copy of the service record.  Just click on the icon to see the actual record.  If there is no icon, you will need to purchase a copy as outlined in http://forum.naa.gov.au/forum/topics/purchasing-digital-copies-onli

Please note, the information (ie series number, control symbol, item title etc) that you see when you first identify the record is just a listing of the record in the database, similar to the information about a book in a library catalogue.  It isn't all that is available, and you will need to look at the actual records for more information about their service.

Once you have found the information contained within the service record, I suggest you contact the Australian War Memorial's Research Centre as they will be able to help you with more information from sources like the unit diaries.  To contact the AWM:

Tel: (02) 6243 4315 Fax: (02) 6243 4545
Email: info@awm.gov.au

Best of luck in your search



(NAA staff)






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