hello Friends

have a family photo of who we believe to be my grandmothers sister son this photo was sent to another sister in Boston USA from  a sister in Northern Ireland

A lady on roots chat thinks the name on it is Pte Andrews 1940  and have found out the my grandmothers sister Anne married a Joseph Andrews can any body help me with this photo dont know anything at all so any advise would be welcome dont know if I am posting the soldier photo correct

best wishes from Ireland



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There is not a lot the National Archives can do to help you without more information. (There are 906 with the surname 'Andrews' who served in the Australian Army in WWII.)  You really need the man's given names through family history research (family letters and stories, births, deaths and marriage certificates, immigration passenger lists etc.)

You could try:

1) the Australian War Memorial: www.awm.gov.au

2) the Military History Society of Australia: http://www.mhsa.org.au/index.html

They might be able to comment on the uniform or suggest other avenues for you to investigate, but I think it will come back to you finding given names first.

Thank you for taking the time to reply and advise me


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