I am looking to see, at very least, how many were in the A Company 2nd Platoon where my father was acting sergeant in 1918.

I have his French phrase book and his serg's whistle and believe the unit was fully trained and equipped.

dad's records state he was discharged on Christmas Eve - because of cessation of hostilities [guess that makes me lucky that he later married my mother and I'm alive]

please can someone lead me to any information that may solve my curiosity.

it used to be a black mark to not serve os.  hoping the records were not thrown on the rubbish heap.

dad served also in WWII, in the CMF -I trust that salved some of his disappointment in not being able to say, as could his older brother, he served in the first AIF.

I don't recall hearing any army stories from dad;  grateful that mum kept at least two of the mementoes.

even tho he didn't 'serve thoroughly' I still feel proud for him and would not miss an ANZAC dawn service -even during lockdown when we'd take our candles and rosemary onto the end of our driveway before the sun had risen.  families who had recently moved into our street were still sound asleep, so i didn't have our music on loudly...

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