My grandparents (deceased) and father (estranged) arrived in Australia from the UK via aircraft in 1964 (after March). I believe they disembarked in Brisbane. I can't find any records of this anywhere! Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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An option (there might be other ways) and although the description for this series doesn't spell it out, it is possible that the following series contains only NSW data!!!

The Incoming Passenger Cards-Aircraft 01 Jan 1948 - 31 Dec 1964 (series # A1225) are online. However, as far as I know, they do not have a searchable index yet (besides a few exceptions). This series is sorted chronologicaly, so you’ll need to browse through the online sets starting somewhere in e.g. March 1964.

More Info:

Link to the online sets:

(Tips: set the “Display NNN search results per page” to 200 and sort on item title ==> Page 5 of 6 will contain the 1964 sets)


I just realised that there are sets for other states as well ....

You can perform an (advanced search) with the following parameters:

Keywords in title = QLD 1964

Series number = A1225

This should narrow things down to 25 results

Thanks Sylvia. Unfortunately I am not getting this at all when I do an advanced search!

Thanks Syliva - I see what you mean. Now I'm trawling through like a needle in a haystack!


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