In 1966 I migrated to Australia from Greece with my parents. I was 15 at the time.

For the next 7 years I stayed in Australia, married and had 2 sons.

In 1973, I returned to Greece with my husband and the boys.

We came back to Australia in 1977 and stayed a further three years before going back to Greece.

There were other shorter stays in Australia over the following decades.

I am now seeking information on the type of visa we had in that early period to assist in an application for permanent residence. My sons and grandchildren are all citizens.

Can you help me to get information on the visa(s) I had in the 60s and 70s, please.

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Hi Virginia

The National Archives of Australia doesn’t hold information about the types of visas that people travel to Australia on.  The Department of Immigration and Citizenship refer people to us to get proof of arrival in Australia and departure from Australia, and from that information I think that they can determine whether you are eligible for permanent residence.

You can use our online forms to request copies of all of your incoming and outgoing passenger records: for your passenger arrival records use the form, and for your passenger departure records . Please provide as much information as possible, especially dates when you travelled, as this helps us to find the information you require.



(NAA staff)   


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