It is some 2.5 years since the Functional and Efficiency Review by Mr David Tune closed and we are yet to see a public release of that review.  Presumably it is as damming as some of the submissions and the NAA has decided to suppress the report itself.

Today I selected several of the 100 odd files that were listed as having wrong dates and/titles and did a quick check.  Not one of those I selected had been corrected.

My questions therefore are

1/     Will the Tune Review report ever by made public, and

2/     Does the NAA ever intend to fix these blatant errors, and

3/     When is the NAA going to implement the most basic quality management?


Item details for: A705, 32/16/1729
    Request copy

Accident to Wirraway A20-727 - Unit No 22 Sqn - Place 1000 yds with Richmond Airfield - Pilot Flt/Lt L J Hoare (033138) A211038 and Cadet Pearson, J A - Date 8 October 1955
Contents date range
01 Jan 1800 - 01 Jan 1800

Only 155 years, 10 months and 8 days out. 

Perfect marks for NAA catalog accuracy though - and this is just one of hundreds of such errors that I have seen.. 

Even a grade 5 student can copy more accurately than that.

New file scanned last year 

NAA: A14487, 22/AB/3742
Series number: A14487
Control symbol: 22/AB/3742
Barcode: 24398123
Number of pages: 2
Air Board Agenda 3742 (RAAF) - Supply of 20 millimetre shell for cannon fitted to Beaufort aircraft?

The file itself clearly says Beaufighter aircraft

New file scanned last year 

NAA: A14487, 22/AB/3830
Series number: A14487
Control symbol: 22/AB/3830
Barcode: 24398211
Number of pages: 3
Air Board Agenda 3830 (RAAF) - Barrels, supply of valve seats ...

The document clearly says  Supply of Barrels, valve seats ...

New file scanned last year 

RAAF Unit History sheets (Form A50) [Operations Record Book - Forms A50 and A51] LRW Ex Estab Feb 48 - Jan 56
Contents date range
1948 - 1956
Series number
Click to see which government agency or person created this item.
Control symbol
NAA: A9186, 431
Item ID

The correct title for this file is RAAF Element L.R.W.X.E..  Nowhere does it say Estab or Establishment or anything else that can be abbreviated to Estab.

Lots of Care factor zero evident there in all the examples  It is no wonder some websites are selling corrected catalogs with correct dates and titles.

I can see why a colleague says the Official NAA motto is She'll be right mate.  At least that is the polite version of what he says their motto is,  The other one starts Who gives ...

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deleted as graphic did not attach

And today I checked the last weeks list and found this one digitized two days ago. 0.230  changed to 0200 by cataloger.

The NAA is definitely maintaining its very low standards


And on this one US ARMY Air Corps is written as USA Air Corps.  There was no United States of America Air Corps.  Another Near enough is good enough



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