I have not done this before,so bear with me.My uncle Arnold Carey, that's his full name,immigrated to AUS.IN 1971 with his wife Mary Margaret Carey and her daughter Julia from a previous marriage. Within a couple of year's they seperated, but I don't think they were divorced, and I don't know if she is still alive.Her former surname was Jones and her maiden name was Dignum.She also used a stage name which was Marie Gaye and done some work with a charity called Music on Wheels,this all took place in Adelaide S. A. Hope someone can guide me in the right direction as I've had no luck with the AUS. gov. site's so far.

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Dear Lee

If your uncle, his wife and daughter came to Australia under an assisted passage, the National Archives of Australia may have their migrant selection documentation.  Also, if your uncle and family applied to become naturalised, the National Archives may have their naturalisation records.  The National Archives can make these records available if they are in the open access period (that is, we are currently releasing records that were created in 1983). If you would like to follow up this line of inquiry, you will need to submit a reference inquiry using the online form http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef.  If you submit an inquiry, a reference officer will make a search of the collection on your behalf.

Regarding the current whereabouts of your uncle’s widow, you may have some luck conducting a search of the telephone directory online at www.whitepages.com.au.

The Ryerson Index lists information from death notices from many Australian newspapers, http://ryersonindex.org/.  You may find a death notice for her there.

Best of luck in your search



(NAA staff)

Hi Tonia,wow quick response, thanks alot. Looks a bit more promising than what I was getting before.

Will get back soon.

Thank's again



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