I have been searching for my father Grahame Ralph Albrecht,who was in the infantry in around the 1950's,he was at Ingelburn Sydney NSW and then he went to Singleton Sydney NSW.I was wondering if anyone could give me some clues has to how I find a persons record that I still have not found. He has shown me a photograph of him and several others in an army uniform.

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Hi Amanda

Records of Army service after WWII are still held by the Department of Defence (as series B2458). However, records over 30 years old are available through the National Archives. See Fact Sheet 63 for more information.   

You can submit a request for your father's service record using the reference inquiry form at http://www.naa.gov.au/info/forms/fam-inquiry.aspx.  You will need to provide as much information as possible about your father, such as full name, period of service (estimate if exact dates are unknown) and the service number http://www.naa.gov.au/info/forms/fam-inquiry.aspx


Former members who have questions about their own service record should contact the Soldier Career Management Agency (SCMA):

Soldier Career Management Agency GPO Box 393 D


Also, you might find information in the online databases on the Department of Veteran’s Affairs website list all who served in the Korean war and Vietnam War.





(NAA staff)


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