A Garland, emigrated from scotland in the late 40's. Served in Admin Coy, in Malaya.

Have not heard anything since this time. Tried tracing but, so far, nothing. Has anyone any suggestions?

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I apologise for the delay in responding to your posting.  I am not sure whether the person you are looking for arrived in Australia.  The National Archives of Australia is the archive of the Australian government, and so will not have any records relating to your search if A Garland did not ome to Australia and have any dealings with the Australian government.  

The National Archives of Australia has the passenger lists for Australian ports for incoming and outgoing ships from 1924.  The National Archives also holds the applications for assisted passage for those people who came to Australia under a government assisted migration scheme. 

You may be able to find information about the ship leaving Scotland on Ancestors Onboard http://www.ancestorsonboard.com/.  This is a database of Outward Passenger Lists for long-distance voyages leaving the British Isles from 1960 right back to 1890.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to assist you on this occasion.



NAA staff


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