i am trying to trace Thomas Wademan (think he would be age between 19 & 30 in 1970) , son of Walter Wademan, who I think emigrated to Perth in early 1970 from Todmorden, Lancashire, England.

I can find Walter Wademan in the records search but don't know what to do next and Thomas doesn't appear at all.

Any ideas or suggestions would be most welcome


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I assume Thomas is the child of the following couple:

Walter Wademan b abt 1908, d 16/08/1972 (cremated Fremantle, WA)

X 1931 with Ellen Coates b abt 1907, d 20/08/1984  (cremated Fremantle, WA)


If this is the case, Thomas seems to have been a bit older than you thought ie his birth registration occurred in the first quarter of 1934.

I can’t see anything current for Thomas, but have you tried contacting his many siblings and/or their children. It looks as if at least 3 ended up in WA as well: Percy (1937-2015), Mavis (1945), Lilian (1932-?2015). The NAA lists them with spouses and children.

BTW here is Thomas' 1972 entry into Australia


Samantha,   Thomas appears in the 1980 Electoral rolls living in the Canning electorate in Western Australia


You could check the online phone directory to see if he is listed   www.whitepages.com.au


If you live in Australia you can check current electoral rolls which are available at the Electoral Office and in some libraries



Hi A couple of years ago Thomas wademan was still alive!  Can anyone give me further information? Tried deaths, whitevpages etc




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