i have full passenger list of the november 5th 1951 ormonde trip, but would like the early 1952 one about march- april. also the passenger list for the ss cameronia 1952. anyone who can help me with this, i would appreciate it. thank you.


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Nice write-up Michael.  You obviously put your heart into it and it shows.  I may be able to add to the story in a very small way.  My interest is to know whether there are passenger lists that would show who embarked and then disembarked at an Australian port.  These would have been those residents who were using the RMS Ormonde to travel between the coastal cities in an eastern or northern direction.  Also do you know if the Ormonde carried vacationers or returnees back to the UK and do you know where the "farewell" photo on the last page of your history was taken?  Jon

If you go to the National Archives of Australia site online and click "RecordSearch" you will have a page that has a number of items at the top.  Go to "Passenger arrivals and enter "Ormonde" for the name of the ship and "1952" for the year and you will get 3329 names...you can refine it by searching just for one of the particular months of arrival - they are all listed on the first search


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