i have full passenger list of the november 5th 1951 ormonde trip, but would like the early 1952 one about march- april. also the passenger list for the ss cameronia 1952. anyone who can help me with this, i would appreciate it. thank you.


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Hi Fred

You can request copies of the passenger lists you require using our online request form at http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=02PassRef.  One of our reference officers will then find the list a provide you with a quote for copying.  Please let them know that you require the full list, rather than just the page where an individual is mentioned.



(NAA staff)

thanks tonia.

Hi Fred, I don't have any list of the SS Ormonde for 1952 but I can tell you the ship was scrapped in 1952 in Scotland where she was built in 1917, I don't know what month she was taken out of service but there is a lot of information on the net about the ship and the victorian archives holds a lot of records about the ship. hope this helps. Sam Grayson

thanks sam, igot a lot of the ships history. the 1952 trip was just trying to find some info a tom stevenson was enquiring about of his fathers trip as he was not sure if it was 1951or1952.

Hi Fred,

I have a snippet of information about that time which may help...

The SS Ormonde left Tilbury early in Jan 1952. I was a boy travelling on it, with my parents. I think we stopped at Algiers, Bombay, Colombo, not at Port said because of the riots, Aden, and then on to Fremantle and the east coast. I have memories that we stopped in Algiers but haven't seen it in the records and was trying to establish that fact.

    We disembarked at end of Feb in Sydney. Maybe she headed for Scotland in March-April ?


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