Iam searching for Heinz Semmelroth, born 1921 in Dresden, arrived with his family from Bremerhaven with the H/S "SKAUBRYN" in January 1958 in Fremantle, Western Australia.

The family is his wife Lieselotte, his daughter Monica Semmelroth (born 1950) and his son Peter Semmelroth. I have tracked down the family to the Bonegilla,Victoria Migration camp and can't find where they went after that. I have tried searching through the whitepages, aec.gov.au and also N.S.W & Victorian Government sites trying to find any forwarding information.
Anything would be a huge help for me as Iam trying to track this family down as we are trying to find them in time for our Family reunion to be held in Germany later on this year. We haven't had any contact with them since they arrived here in Australia. Thank you so much for your help and being patient with my request.
Your efforts will be remembered with fondness. Thank you.

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I could not locate them in Australia either until I found the whole family on a passenger list departing Wellington New Zealand on 30 Jul 1962. NB The family of 4 seems to be listed under the passengers who left Sydney Australia on 26 July 1962, so Wellington would have only been a stop on their way to their (unmentioned) end destination. I have not been able to locate them in countries like the UK, USA, South Africa and  suspect that they might have returned to continental Europe (or else South America).

This is the entry for Heinz:
New Zealand, Archives New Zealand, Passenger Lists, 1839-1973
Name: H Semmelroth
Event Type: Immigration
Event Date: 1962
Event Place: New Zealand
Event Place: Southampton (other ports also listed), New Zealand
Age: 39
Birth Year (Estimated): 1923
Departure Date: 30 Jul 1962
Departure Port: Wellington
Ship Name: Fair Sky
Source: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:KGML-2ZG


Feedback form the original poster would be nice

 my oma n opa  gerhard n ellen weis had a best friend named lieselotte when they first lived in newcastle, they migrated 8 MAY 1954 SKAUBRYN, i do know they were at the same camp together at bonegilla, i cant trace my family either with their travel information im thinking different spelling or name change, ellens maiden name was neumann,  our dad cant remember her husbands name but thought it might be erwin  or ern something like that there was also a wolfgang and gerta im thinking they may all be related someway if you knowe those names at all

A huge thank you to all those that have taken the time out to give me some information about Sommelroth family.
It's really appreciated and the family in Germany that are their family have been notified of the findings so far.
Damerau maybe could be there last name


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