I have obtained just a one page document on the following two servicemen :

DWYER JOHN PATRICK : Service Number – 40826;  WW2


Dent Charles Edwin : SERN 208 ;   WW1

How do I know if this is all that is aavailable? I note from the forums that in many cases there appears to many digitised pages relating to one person's service records. 

Any assistance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Anne,  If you click on the "view digital image" on that page you will be able to view the record




this is the one for Charles Edwin DENT



Anne,  John Patrick DWYERs record is not online as yet but can be requested on this page



These records can be found via the record search on this site - www.naa.gov.au


If there is a problem with either of these links just put their names into the record search

You can search as a guest or join up as a member



I will also just add that a lot of people don't realise that you have to turn the pages yourself.  For Charles Dent, when you click on 'view digital image' and the first page opens, have a look above the page and you should see - Page 1 of 57- and an arrow to click on to advance your pages.  There are also two buttons to enlarge the page or read at a smaller size.



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