hello all,

im new to this so please be patient with me, i have a war medal from the first world war, it has a number along the side then the name and initials , plus pte . so i have tried searching for my fellow with no luck, i have tried using the number before his name on the medal as well as not using it, ( is it his service number?) i have found the name Harper but no J.W. what am i doing wrong?

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Trish,  can you list the service number and I might be able to find his full name for you

There is a James William HARPER  - service no. 597 - would that be him?  If so I can check further details


Hello Elizabeth,

thank you for responding, im not sure what his service number is,

if it is the numbers on the side of his medal, the number is 56906.



Trish, I have gone through all the HARPER surnames who served in WW1 and cannot find one with that service number
It is possible he might have joined up with a British Regiment which would not be listed in our WW1 records
Can you download a photo of this medal?


hello Elizabeth,

i have taken photos to up load today but just saw Sylvia,s

answer and she has found him!!

thank you for your help in this i appreciate the time you took to help me



Trish, Yes I read the other replies tonight and that is great news he has been identified
I am not sure if it is the same medal that you have - is it the same on the reverse side as in the photo of the missing medal? I am not sure how you go about contacting the person who posted that info but I am sure it will be somewhere on the site

It is possible that he was an Australian who signed up in England in WW1 but it would be difficult to know without further details as HARPER is a common surname and we don't know when & where he was born

I hope it all works out


hi again Elizabeth, yes it does look the same,

the only difference is the ribbon is a lot more worn and tattered than in the photo.

i cant seem to find where to notify on that site that i have the medal.


Trish,  That photo of the medal posted on the site that Sylvia found could have been taken a long while ago when the ribbon was in much better condition - it certainly looks like the same one

Maybe Sylvia can work out how to contact these people?  If not then I can take a look tomorrow

Let's hope it wasn't another member of his family who sold it originally and other members who want it back as has happened before

I work for a Lost medals site in Australia researching families to return medals that have been found - bit different to your problem


Trish,  I found the contact details on that site  - just go near the top right hand side of the home page and there is a CONTACT US section you can click on - good luck



Thank you for that, i'm going to contact them, i remember when i received it i felt like,...how can anyone sell family medals, but it came from someone else's collection. now i know someone is looking for it ill contact them.


I don't know the website, but I gather that they list both missing medals and medals that are e.g. put up for sale. In this case I don't think that currently anyone is listed as looking for these medals (but it would be interesting to find out more about him)


This one?: http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/D2557414

He seems to have been issued with the Victory and British medals


Service number is confirmed here:

Commonwealth 1914-1918 British War Medal named to 56906 to Pte J.W. HARPER Royal Army Medical Corps.


British War Medal
Service No: 56906
Unit No: Royal Army Medical Corps
Corps/Service: Medical Corps
Country: United Kingdom

Date of sale: 30 November 2014
source: http://medalsgonemissing.com/ (with photo of medal .. Is this the one you've got or do you have its companion medal the Victory?)


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