Im currently trying to find my Grandfathers war medals. They were stolen quite a few years back and my Grandfather also has passed on.


Im trying to find them for my Mum and Im wondering how I go about finding out what medals and where to get them replaced. Ive looked but cant find the information Im looking for.


I do have their name and service numbers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Kym,

You cannot have them replaced, but you can purchase replicas.  I am not sure if you are talking about WW1 or WW2 - the nominal rolls for both wars are here:

You can search for his service record on RecordSearch here, just search for his surname and service number as your keywords. (Click on RecordSearch under "Search the Collection").

All WW1 service records have been digitised but you will need to pay to have a WW2 record done unless someone else has previously requested it.  If you don't see "digitised item" over on the right hand side of your results page then you need to click on the link in the "control symbol" column and on the next page on the right hand side you will see "request copy".  Just follow the links through to payment and they will let you know when it has been digitised and placed online.  The service record should have details of the medals he was entitled to.

You should regularly search online using his surname and service number as these medals often come up for sale on various websites.  Have a look at this website for lists of medals to be returned to owners, and they may also be able to advise you on a reputable company from which you can purchase replicas.



Hi Debra,

His service records and that of my Grandmother have both been digitised and it was WW2. Sorry I should of clarified that.


I had heard you can only get replicas but I dont know what medals he had. My mum said he had a few but all I can find it says he had none. At the very least he would of had service medals but none for bravery etc.


I will have a look at the first link and see if it tells me something different to what Ive already found. This is a great site and my mum shed a little tear when she seen the record.  She lost both her parents before I was born so its a little overwhelming for her.




Kym,  My husband buys replica medals when needed at Christies in Sydney  - this is the only firm I am familiar with but there could be others - they have been around for many years   - Elizabeth



Thanks for that Elizabeth.

Maybe I might have to wait until I get his service records as its saying none are available. Does this mean he doesnt have any medals?


Yet my mother has seen him wear them years ago. They were also stolen and a police report made years ago from the break and enter.

Kym,  You could try contacting the australian war memorial

Sometimes people wear other medals that belong to family members so maybe that was the case?

I would get his full service records and go from there - good luck



Hmmm Im thinking I need to wait for the service records. No one else was in the war in our family at this time. 


Will sit tight until I can continue my search furthure. Will let you know how I go once I get the records

Kym,  I meant could they possibly have been his fathers from WW1 maybe?


Oh Elizabeth Im not sure. I did ask my mum but she said she doesnt think so only because he was so proud of his medals but never wanted to talk about it. 


I didnt have to pay for the service record, does that sound right?

Kym,  To get his full service record online through the National Archives I think the fee was about $16 last time I looked

Maybe you only have a summary of his listing and not the full record - you need to request the record and then it will be put online

You would think that if he was so proud of his medals he would talk about them wouldn't you?

I can understand why people didn't want to talk about the war - my Father didn't either until he was nearly 90

Let's hope his full records will provide an answer for you



Kym,  I have just received a message from the National archives about my father in laws WW2 records which we had requested

Apparently they said their policy is now to not put these digitially online but you can request a copy sent by post

This takes many months and costs $29.90 - they must have changed their access policy

Rather strange as I know there are some records already online for WW2 soldiers & some were put there while they are still alive - I wonder if they are now going to remove these?

I am going to contact them to clarify this as this contradicts what was done previously



Kym,  I got a reply about my Father in laws service records  some of which for WW2 are already posted online but he was also in the CMF in the 1960's so will post it to clarify what I said previously as I was getting rather confused

The suspension of digital online copies relates only to the items in series B2458 and MT1128/1 where the vast majority of dossiers are for post 1947 army service. If a soldier served in WWII (and sometimes even WWI) and also served in the army beyond 1947 the war service and the continued military service records were amalgamated into the later series B2458 or MT1128/1. These series include CMF service, National Service, Korean and Vietnam war service. These service personnel are largely considered to be alive and for privacy and identity theft reasons, we do not provide for online copies.

Oh I better put in another request for a full service record.  Do you have the link for that as I seem to get lost in the site for some reason. It seems easy to navigate but I keep ending up at the same spot :/


Im not sure about the medals. He passed away a few years after I was born. Not sure what his reasons were but thats just what my mum said.


He was discharged in 1946 at least thats what his records say. S/7250 Ronald Gordon Ayres. Unless Im not reading it right?


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