Im currently trying to find my Grandfathers war medals. They were stolen quite a few years back and my Grandfather also has passed on.


Im trying to find them for my Mum and Im wondering how I go about finding out what medals and where to get them replaced. Ive looked but cant find the information Im looking for.


I do have their name and service numbers.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Kym,  I didn't realize that your Grandfather was in the Navy & not the Army so the above info I listed is not relevant


I checked his listing and there are two pages already online but I am sure you have already read these -  I have seen these 2 page records before but don't know if they are his full record or not

They are a bit difficult to read but it is possible that he got one medal but I cannot be sure

On the 2nd page there is a lot of writing which is so faded it is impossible for me to read

Maybe Debra will have some advice for you as she is more experienced with these NAA records

You may have to contact the Navy for advice on his record - did you request these records online or has someone else done it beforehand?

I think the two ships listed may have been shore based but you can do a google search to confirm



Kym,  I found a photo of your grandfather on the war memorial site

there is also a photo of his headstone in South Grafton



We did see the photograph but didnt see the head stone that was linked to it.

Thank you for the head stone photograph. To answer your question Im not sure if someone has requested them prior to us as they were digitised when I started my search.  Because they were digitised does that mean they have been requested before?


I did request the records which is when they said it was free. I havent heard anything about them so far though.  I too couldnt make out the writing, so Im hoping copies prove easier to read. I should have said Navy. 


It seems I really didnt give anyone any information regarding this search did I? :/

Thank you for your help thus far, it has proved invaluable.

Kym,   Let's hope you can get a full record or one that is more legible than the online one

It seems that someone had already requested it

I had to wait weeks for a reply from army records so hope you hear from the Navy records soon

I wasn't sure if you wanted to post his name as some people like these things to be private so when you posted it I did some google searches

the headstone is not linked to the war memorial site - it is a separate listing for South Grafton cemetery

Let's know how you go when you received his records



Right after I posted my reply they sent me a response to say it was dispatched today. More than likely given my location it will take about 7 days.  Perhaps longer with Christmas.  Hopefully there is something legible on there as you say and we can move forward.


Very interesting though that you say someone requested them. My mum has 1 sibling and there is alot of animosity there about their fathers war medals :( It makes me wonder if she hasnt got her daughter to start the search? I guess we are both paying so both can have copies of the medals!

Kym,  Well that was quick - we have to wait 180 days for my husband Fathers records from Canberra

but they are not his WW2 records which we have but subsequent CMF records which cannot be put online with his war records even though he is deceased

It appears that your Grandfather was shore based if you check out the ships names so not sure if he saw service in ww2 or what those medals would have been

I am looking forward to hearing about anything new that you find when you receive the record and I hope it is clearer than the one they put online

If he does have any medals that were awarded then both your Mother and her sibling can get replicas and then they will both be happy I hope

We had to get replicas of my father in laws medals as when he died his daughter took them for her son without considering if any her 3 brothers may like to have them (don't you love what families do to each other?)

His original medals were saved by his other son as he was going to chuck them in Sydney Harbour in a fit of pique so we are lucky to have any of them!

Your grandfather is listed on the WW2 Nominal roll -

not sure if you have seen that listing but you can print out a certificate of service from it



How much does it costs to replace medals? My father was in the Navy.  He served in WW2, Korea & Vietnam.  He also was to get a medal from the Philippines Gov, I have the letter but not the medal.  is there any others that Australia Gov may have given out after the war?

Any information would assist.   

Gilroy, If you contact Christies in Sydney they should be able to help regarding how much they cost

The link is in this thread



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