Very first post, so be gentle! ...

I am seeking details from manifests etc for the arrival in Australia of ancestors William PEACOCK and family. They turned up in Newcastle but have no record of their arrival in Aus.

Details ... 

William was born in Co. Durham, UK abt 1845

Came to Australia with wife Mary Ann and children (including John - born 1875ish in Durham who married in 1901 in Charlestown NSW) 

A William Peacock is listed as passenger on the S.S. Northbrook, arriving Sydney 15 Aug 1879 but while the wife is listed, there are no children listed on the passenger list, even though there are other children listed (which seems strange to me!) in 1879, son John would be 4, so not incinsequential.

The search does not find any arrival by that name, ... am I missing something simple?


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John,  On the NSW Immigration Index (assisted immigrants) there is a listing as follows for the above family - you can view reel 2141 online if needed which is the original handwritten record but for the reel 2490 you would probably have to access that in the State records - many of these microfilms are available in Libraries which have family history sections or at the State library in Sydney  -

You can check the following on this link

PEACOCK John 4 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490
PEACOCK Margaret 7 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490
PEACOCK Mary 28 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490
PEACOCK Thomas 9 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490
PEACOCK William 34 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490
PEACOCK William 2 Northbrook 1879 Sydney and family Reels 2141, 2490

Thanks Elizabeth, that seems to be them ... wondering why the kids were not listed on the manifest though!

Also, the link goes nowhere ... What it looks for is "" and the report states "No Records". I suspect that the abbreviation of the link did not help. I am unable to see where the link was supposed to go. 

Again, thanks for the assistance! Worth more money, you are! ;)

John,  Sorry about that link and no idea what happened -

would you like me to check the microfilm record of the voyage?

What manifest did you mean that they were not listed on?  Was it an Ancestry record?

Photo of the ship if you want it



I did edit the response to say that I found the record. The manifest I was referring to was a record of arrivals in Sydney which I now cannot for the life of me find! Dammit!

Just looked at the Ancestry record, and it does have the kids listed. May have been a UK list ?

Now I just look like an idiot, and I apologise for taking up your time. Again, thanks for your help. Invaluable!

John,   We all have to start somewhere and you should have seen me 20 years ago when I was a newbie to genealogy!!!  When I started with no computer the only way I could access the immigration records was via microfilm on ancient readers in the State Library - just about did my head in as some of the handwriting was appalling

You definitely don't look like an idiot and you are not taking up my time as that is what I do on this forum is to try & help others



30+ years teaching ... you cannot tell me much about "ordinary" handwriting!!

Again, thanks!


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