If you can't find a WW1 soldier's dossier under the RecordSearch area using the normal NameSearch & WW1 options then try using the very different Welcome Discovering Anzacs area. It seems that the name searching engines or the Index data names between the two are different.

For example

In the normal NameSearch entry

enter dawsett as the family name & World War 1 as the category of records

There are no matches for Dawsett

Now go to the Discovering Anzacs Search area

In the Search box enter  percy john dawsett and then click the search button to its right

His Service dossier is the third one.


Peter Mayberry

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Peter,  That is strange because if I put his full name into Record search his WW1 record comes up & can be read online

Are you the Peter Mayberry who has that wonderful Irish Convicts to NSW site?


'Namesearch' has always been kind of broken.  Just use BasicSearch or Advanced Search (Items) and Series B2455.


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