I have been looking for documents re my mum and dad, It amazes me that his sister which came after him accompanied by her mum and two other siblings is listed but they aren't and my mum came a couple of years before isn't found in the Archivies either, how can that be?

Name Pietro Codognotto is my dad


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Hi Rosanna

Only a proportion of the records the National Archives has are listed on our online database, RecordSearch. It is most likely that your aunt’s (and the rest of your father’s family) records may have been requested by another researcher, which has led to them being examined for public release and the information about the records (like the information about a book in a library catalogue) being entered into the database. Alternatively, our staff have been progressively entering item information into the database, and they may not have entered information about your father and mother’s records yet.

You can submit an inquiry to our National Reference Service using our online form at http://reftracker.naa.gov.au/reft100.aspx?key=03ImmiRef.  One of our reference officers will search the collection for your father and mother’s records, and will get back to you about whether they have been able to find the records.



(NAA staff)


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