Hi, I'm searching for my birth father,BRUCE ALFRED SULLIVAN, he was born "BROWN" in 1929, Kingaroy QLD. His mother was Florence Brown, she lived in Bondi. Sydney

He changed his name to Sullivan , from Brown, 1956

 He was in the Navy until 1949 then went to work in New Guinea, he left around 1953-4ish, not sure of actual year .

 He may have passed away by now, you never know.

I believe has was a mechanic or machinist of sorts, he was seen in the Mascot area wearing overalls, mid 70's so may have worked around there

He had a wife, Joyanne Brown.She lived in Enfield, Sydney 1949ish

any help would be great

I'll add a pic of him when I can


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state library has 2009 Fed on micro chip, try that next week and see how that goes :)

Family of my Father Bruce, has contacted me, had our first meet, lots of information exchanged and some answers as well as new questions.

Amazing outcome so far. 

cheers all


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