Hi, I'm searching for my birth father,BRUCE ALFRED SULLIVAN, he was born "BROWN" in 1929, Kingaroy QLD. His mother was Florence Brown, she lived in Bondi. Sydney

He changed his name to Sullivan , from Brown, 1956

 He was in the Navy until 1949 then went to work in New Guinea, he left around 1953-4ish, not sure of actual year .

 He may have passed away by now, you never know.

I believe has was a mechanic or machinist of sorts, he was seen in the Mascot area wearing overalls, mid 70's so may have worked around there

He had a wife, Joyanne Brown.She lived in Enfield, Sydney 1949ish

any help would be great

I'll add a pic of him when I can


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Hi Elizabeth, looked at electoral roll on NSW and says they wont devuldge information for people looking for family members which I though was strange.

What would be the best libraries to approach?

 I'm in Adelaide


Steve,  I have gone into the local electoral office and you are free to check the current electoral rolls without interference - they didn't even ask me what I was doing - anyone can walk in off the street & use them but maybe some are more strict than others?

I would try larger libraries with family history records - there is a service online called ASK A LIBRARIAN which you could google and maybe they will be able to answer your question

I am not familiar with SA libraries as I live in Sydney


So now I'll send out some letters, see what comes back  :)

something just came in.

Steve,  Where did you get that info from?

Matches with his birth in Queensland & death in Sydney


Hi Elizabeth, came from ancestry.com, came in today, which is the date Bruce passed away, 26th Sept, 1997.

I did the DNA thing, only showed where in UK my blood line is from, already new that but thats where I found Bruce's Navy record which showed his name change,his mums name, his wife's name, I think I uploaded that. love to know who put that there.

 here it is again.


Steve,  did Ancestry give the source of this information?


Elizabeth, no, was just posted up, if I remember it was in military records, I'd have to pay a monthly amount to get access again to see where it was..

It may have surfaced when his name was searched for, was some time ago so I'm not sure .  :(


well no luck with an imfo pack I sent off to a known address, was returned today with a" left address/unknown" sticker on the express post pouch I sent.

so the search continues now. :(

my "half" brother is Scott Bruce Sullivan, was living in Heathcote but has moved, 1998ish, where abouts not known

now, search continues :(

Steve,  You can check the current electoral rolls at the electoral office in your state - I believe some libraries also have them

good luck


Thanks Elizabeth, I'll do some checking  :)



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