Hi, I'm searching for my birth father,BRUCE ALFRED SULLIVAN, he was born "BROWN" in 1929, Kingaroy QLD. His mother was Florence Brown, she lived in Bondi. Sydney

He changed his name to Sullivan , from Brown, 1956

 He was in the Navy until 1949 then went to work in New Guinea, he left around 1953-4ish, not sure of actual year .

 He may have passed away by now, you never know.

I believe has was a mechanic or machinist of sorts, he was seen in the Mascot area wearing overalls, mid 70's so may have worked around there

He had a wife, Joyanne Brown.She lived in Enfield, Sydney 1949ish

any help would be great

I'll add a pic of him when I can


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thats my Mum,18, when she married Bruce WHO it seems was already married in Asutralia, this is their wedding day in Bulolo , New Guinea 1950

Bruce is on the left, dont know the others, Mum thought they may be relatives and the pic was maybe taken in Sydney, year unknown.

Marriage from NSW - BDM index

Registration number
Groom's Family Name
Groom's Given Name(s)
Bride's Family Name(s)
Bride's Given Name(s)

Steve,  There is a death in the Ryerson index of a Bruce Alfred SULLIVAN

this person was cremated at Woronora Memorial Park


  • Name: Bruce Sullivan
  • Date of death: 26/09/1997
  • Date of interment: 17/11/1997
  • Type: Ashes
  • Location: Floral Court - Evergreen Shrub Garden 15 - 0143

there is also a Joyanne listed at Woronora - they are not together

  • Name: Joyanne Sullivan
  • Date of death: 14/07/2009
  • Date of interment: 20/03/2010
  • Type: Ashes
  • Location: Henry Kendall Gardens - Rose Garden 31 - 0090

Ryerson Index listing

SULLIVAN Bruce Alfred Death notice 26SEP1997 Death late of Heathcote Daily Telegraph (Sydney)


Thanks for the information Elizabeth. :)

At least I know a few things now, like he went back to his wife ,Joyanne.

 Left my mum and if it wasnt for my grandparents in PNG who know how things would have gone for her and me.

Next question, did he have children with Joy?

Steve,   The only way I can think to get any childrens details is a death certificate but you have to wait until 30 years have passed before you can purchase one - you could always ask the NSW Births deaths & marriages if there is any way around that requirement seeing that he was your Father - you would probably need proof (no harm in asking)

We don't know for sure that he went back to his wife but we could check the electoral rolls to see if they are listed at the same address - they are in different sections at Woronora Memorial Park

I can only imagine how you feel & I am sure it was difficult growing up without your Father


Liz, I'd say Joy changed her name to Sullivan.

 Mum was looking for Bruce to get the marriage annulled in 1956 so she could marry Les Altmann 1957, thats why Bruce changed his name, think there may have been jail time if he was found out.

Love to know the reason he gave to Joy as to why the name change was needed.

 So Mums last contact with Bruce was a large teddy bear he sent me for my second birthday.

Someone posted 2 fotos of his navy record on Ancestry.com, dont know who but thats how I found out he changed his name.

Mum did see him at Mascot walking on the street , 1970s, she confronted him and eventually he owned  up, She went back every day for a few weeks at the same time to ask more questions but he never showed.

6 degrees on separtion and wierd, Bruce was born in Kingaroy, Les grew up in Murgon, thats about 20-40miles apart and they were about the same age. 

so maybe if Bruce and Joy had children, then they may know about the history or found out, Joy may have found out about me as well.

I looked in Sydney white pages book and theres alot of Sullivans around Heathcote.


Steve,   Info from NSW Electoral Rolls

1958/1963/1968/1977 - Hughes electorate

he’s at 1313 Princes Highway, Heathcote ( driver) with Joyanne Helena (bookkeeper)

1977 there is also a Scott Bruce Sullivan(engineer) at that address  still with them 1980


Thanks Elizabeth for that, big help, I did try some phone numbers a few years ago but only got message banks with no return call.

The phone listing for the 1313 address is disconnected and shows a J H Sullivan at that address.

there are 8 Sullivans in that area, 2 said their not related to Bruce.

I have left messages on 3 numbers "trying to find relatives of Bruce" so we'll see where that goes.

another 6 degrees of seperation.......looking at the map the white pages brings up, my mum had old friends just behind where Bruce lived, she would visit them every month or so. so she would have driven past many times over the years....wow

 the initials for the Sullivans I have left a message are S, M and P J, the P M is not connected, would be weird if the P J was related as thats my sons nic name.

cheers for now and again  a HUGE thanks you for your help.

Elizabeth, having a re think, the J H Sullivan would be Joyanne, those are her initials, so if she and Scott(son?) only show up on electoral rolls to 1980 then there may have been a split from Bruce and moved to new address? after 1980.

more questions now........... no answer back from the phone messages I left yet.

thanks again for your help.

Elizabeth, are you able to source any more recent electoral rolls for me?


Steve,   sorry unable to reply as my internet was down

electoral rolls after 1980 are available at electoral offices and some public libraries



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