Hello everyone,

 I am trying to find my grandparents' records from 1969 but I can't find anything and I don't know why. Does anyone know where exactly can I search for passenger arrival records in Sydney in May 1969? I only found until 1966 and the site doesn't help me so much with the exact dates

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G'day Kon,

This may be the series you are looking for?





I assume that you are referring to the "Passenger arrivals index, 1898 - 1966". The other day I discovered that it contains way more indexed records from later years as well. After testing, there appear to be indexes for records until 1972 (inclusive).


P.S. according to the help section:

Passenger arrivals index

The index includes the names of over 9 million passengers from two key series within the collection:

  • 3,964,236 passengers from Series K269, Inward passenger manifests for ships and aircraft arriving at Fremantle, Perth Airport and Western Australian outports, 1897-1978.
  • 5,075,820 passengers from Series A1197, Incoming passenger cards for ships or aircraft arriving at Australian ports, 1965-1972.

It lists passengers arriving:

  • by ship between 1898 and 1966 (arriving in or travelling through the port of Fremantle or other WA ports)
  • by aircraft from 1944 to 1966 to Perth Airport (or travelling through).
  • by ship or aircraft from 1965 to 1972.


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