I  do hope that someone may be able to help me, I've tried many times without any luck. I am trying to find my Uncle Aunt and 5 cousins, since their emigration to Perth/Fremantle in 1968,by aeroplane. Names as follows: Malcolm Kingsley Williams, Beryl Wixon Williams, Susan Ann Williams, Carol Williams, Wendy Williams, Tracey Williams and a son born around 1970 Steven Williams. They settled in Fremantle, but how can I trace them so that I can email them? Thanks for any help, Im not that clever at the net. David.

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Hi David,

I will contact you by private message.



Hi Debra, Im now intrigued, I have already found their flight details from Uk to Aus in 1968, and Ive looked at White Pages but Im no further forward, Ive also sent an email to fremantle herald and asked if they would run an article in their free paper. So anything else You might be able to help me with would be a bonus. Thanks David.

David,  Michaels death is listed in the Western Australian cemeteries site - he died in 2006




I think I found Malcolm Kingsley Williams for you in South Australia.

I googled his name and it popped up - he has an ABN number as a sole trader with a postcode. 

Please give it a go, I think you will be happy.  It took me 3 clicks - the postcode is the clue.

if not, please email me direct at bushnook@gmail.com and I will share.


I think you should use facebook, facebook is very high spreads in the community, so you should join the number of large membership number. Previously in my country there was also a "no farewell" show on TV, so finding lost loved ones became more open. I think you should join facebook more, thanks to more support from the community. Good luck. I am in Vietnam, I work in the field of printing design like in name card ... I usually join the community and forums around the world. I wish I could contribute some positive work to the community.


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