hello there

i'm looking for relatives from johannes blanken , born 1929 13th of november in velsen [netherlands]

he immigraded to australia in 1968 , arrived in melbourne. thats all i know.

before he left the netherlands he was divorced  , he,s a father of a twin boys , one off them is my father in law [ we dont have contact with him anymore]

the reason why i seek is out of curiosity , did he found love again and got married , does my husbund have uncles or aunts? was he realy a bad man? i cant believe al those weird stories wheve been told about him. [ if a man does'nt care then he wont say goodbey does he?]

funny fact....johannes and my grandfather where classmates , there is a picture on schoolbank.nl 

thats the only picture i,ve found from him. my brother in law looks a lot like his grandfather as a child and so does his son.

johannes has 5 grandchildren and 8 greatgrandchildren in the netherlands.

hoping for news :D 

sorry for my bad gramma!!

greetings from holland

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Johannes passed away in 2013 (unfortunately I have not been able to find a death notice):

Johannes Blanken

Springvale botanical cemetery (Victoria)

Date of Birth: 13 November 1929

Date of Death: 11 March 2013

Date of Service: 14 March 2013

Funeral Director: Heritage & Heritage Funerals

Burial Type: Cremated (The cremated remains have been collected)


 The only other possible reference to Johannes Blanken was in the 1980 electoral roll and there were 3 people listed for the same address in Ferntree Gully (VIC):

Jeanne Blanken

Johannes Blanken – spray painter

Miranda Johanna Blanken - typist


A Jeanne Blanken is buried in Lilydale Memorial Park (VIC)

Date of Birth: 18 Apr 1921

Date of Death: 15 Jun 2008

Service Date: 20 Jun 2008


Her date of birth was close to Johannes’, so (if she is the same person) I would assume that she could have been his partner.

Thank you sylvia

i know its a very late response, but thank you!

kind regards suzanna


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