We were on holiday in Melbourne in 2013 and visited the fantastic Customs House for a couple of hours.
My wife used the search facility in the Immigration Museum there to try and find out details of my grandfather's time in Australia- he was divorced from my grandmother sometime in the late 1920s, after which we were told he went to Australia. I never met him, but was curious to know whether he had married again or had family in Australia or indeed if he came back to England.
My wife found him eventually - took ages! - on a passenger list and scribbled down details on a scrap of paper, with the intention of signing up to search for more details - now we had proof he actually was in Australia- once we were home and had more time.
Once home we didn't follow it up unfortunately and we moved house recently and the scrap of paper is lost.
We have now started the search again.
We found out his birth date, first marriage details, the birth details of my mother, that he was in England before the war, had remarried and also where he lived and died.
We have searched the passenger lists for Australia and this time have come up with nothing matching our criteria.
But she found his details when we were in the Immigration Museum.
We would like to know where he lived and what he did in Australia and can't understand why we have come up with a blank this time!!
Any advice wid be welcome.
Thank you

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Peter   There is a death in England in the  June quarter 1950 in Nottingham ,for a Bertie F HOLBROOK aged 53 years which may be him

Do you know which state of Australia he lived in after 1920???

He married a Lily POOLE in the June quarter of 1920 in Nottingham UK

I will see if I can find his original immigration details & get back to you


Peter,  Do you know if Bertie & Lily ever lived at  4 Henry Rd, Finbury Park, N in London?

there is a possible arrival in 1928 in Fremantle, Western Australia that I want to check out


Peter,  There is a possible 2nd marriage also in Nottingham in March quarter 1933

Bertie F HOLBROOK to a Mabel MILES  (Free UK BDM) - I wonder if this was before he left England to come to Australia or after he returned home?

He is not listed on our electoral rolls so appears he didn't vote while he was here


Thought I had responded. Don't know whether he ever went to London but did remarry Mabel Nikes I think. All details seem to check out. Peter
Mabel Miles !!


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