Searching for any /all information about the Earl Grey Scheme, Sydney Melbourne Australia 1850+

wanting information about The Female Factory at Parramatta around 1850+

also the Earl Grey Scheme, mainly Sydney and Melbourne 

searching for an Irish girl Bridget Regan front county Cork, Ireland. Father Jeremiah mother Bridget 

Very common name Bridget, found some shipping but not conclusive. Couldn’t work out why this young Irish girl came to Australia married an immigrant Frenchman who arrived 1850+ and next he’s married to

a young Bridget. Husbands name has variations due to French accent I gather. Louis Henry Lashtel or Lashatelle or La Chatel.. what shipping etc should I search to prove Bridget Regan was or was not ai the Earl Grey Scheme or sent to the Female Factory Parramatta. Many thanks Jenny 

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Hi Jennifer,

You might be getting the Female Factory confused with the immigration depot at Hyde Park barracks.  The Factory closed in 1848 and by 1850 it was an asylum for invalids and lunatics.

Very few disposal lists survive for NSW.  These will name who the immigrant was contracted to work for and how much they were to be paid.  Where they have survived you will find them with the immigration records at NSW State Records or online on the subscription websites.

The Earl Grey Scheme ended in 1850 and there is plenty of information online about it.

Thousands of young women came to Australia during that time period so I am not sure what you say you can't work out.  Many married soon after arriving.


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