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I am looking for any information regarding the whereabouts of Peter McGowan - whether alive or deceased. Hopefully he is alive, he would now be 68 years old. He began his career in show business in the early 1960s at nine years of age with his father, Bob McGowan; their act was based on demonstrating telepathic ability. The father and son duo attracted media attention while performing in Melbourne. They then became the "Trio Fantastic" when Michelle “Curly" Bordeau joined them as part of a knife-throwing act performing in clubs around Australia and South East Asia – any information regarding Bordeau is also invaluable.

The article is from 1980; it contains the most recent image we have of Peter and describes his “one man show” which included stunts such as walking on broken glass and lying on a bed of nails. I have also sourced the images from Trove from when Peter was a school boy performing with his father. I have trawled through family history sites to now avail. The closest I have got to any perceived success at this stage is a voter record of a Robert Peter McGowan of Enfield, NSW, who in 1980 listed himself as an entertainer. Alas - I have no other progress...Thanks for you time.

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Hi Kim,

In the course of my research I came across your ad posted in July 2017 searching of information regarding the whereabouts of entertainer Peter McGowan, son of Major Robert McGowan

Can I ask why you're trying to locate him? I may be able to help but I would need more information re. the context of your enquiry first.

Of course you may already have found him in which case this email is moot!

Kind regards

Katrina Tudor / 0437 683118


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