Hi can you help me find my part of my family, i know last address was in Sidney

I apreciate any help maybe where to search 


I have this data  from national archives

Item details for: A2562, 1973/1725
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KIRALJ Andras born 9 April 1945; Valeria Ildiko (nee Siladji) born 25 September 1944; Patrizia Gertruda born 5 July 1972 - Yugoslavian
Contents date range
1972 - 1972
Series number
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Control symbol
NAA: A2562, 1973/1725
Item barcode
Access status
Not yet examined
Physical format
PAPER FILES AND DOCUMENTS (allocated at series level)
0.15 cm
Date registered
08 Aug 2003

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Dear Nadejda,

You can request that the record you have identified be examined for public access. To do this, you will need to register if you haven't already done so, and login to Recordsearch using your user name and password. Once you have the record of interest displayed, just click on the 'Request copy' link which will take you through the steps to submit an application. When the examination of the record has been completed and you can then request that a digital copy be loaded to Recordsearch  for viewing and download.


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