Grandmother Amy Isabel Atkinson was born in Balmain  Dec 1893 to Edward A Atkinson a bricklayer and Mary Elizabeth Dodds.  I Do not have the school name to be able to research admission register.

Sands Directory listed Edward A as a builder living in Smith St. Balmain NSW.  1900-1903. Father moved on to Helensburg in 1913 but no record of Amy moving with him.  Would love to know what school Amy went to and her movements after leaving school.  In 1921 Amy was living in Balaclava Road Eastwood.  NSW at time of marriage.

My question is.  How do I research school admission without knowing which school Amy attended.  I live in Queensland.

Many thanks for any ideas to break the brick wall.

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I don't think that there is a NSW student index available, so there is probably no easy way to find Amy's school(s).

There is a NSW school database:

The NSW archives have some info (not sure whether it is totally up-to-date): . It contains a list of the files and records available in the (physical) archives.

There are some online pupil admission lists available e.g. NRS-20759 - Admission registers [Balmain Public School]. Note: I paged through this set and could not find Amy, although it contained other Atkinson students.



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