I was researching the family tree and came across a relative who I knew about from WW1 one Raymond Timothy Hills Checked to see his next of kin it was Lily Elsie Hills so far so good.But came across a Roy Tasman Hills checked his next of kin same Lily same English address given ,these were on the official army records.My question who was Lily married too Raymond or Roy or both.

John Hills

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Hello John

It appears, from looking at the digital copies of the records for Roy Tasman Hills and Raymond Timothy Hills, that Roy Tasman married Lily.  There is a certified extract of their marriage certificate on Roy Tasman's file. Roy and Lily married on 9/11/1917 at the Registrar office, St Martin, London.

It appears that there was a clerical error on Raymond Timothy's file where the next of kin was changed to Lily. This probably occured because both men had the same initials.



(NAA staff)


Thank you Tonia for the information it was as I suspected as a former soldier myself I know how things can go askew .It has solved a two family mystery both here and the UK.I'll have to see what other rellies I can ask you about ,thanks again.

John Hills


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