could someone please advise me as i am having trouble finding my Grandfathers Service Records

i have his service number however each time i enter his details it comes up with no results found

He was a career officer in the Royal Australian Army and enlisted around 1914 and retired in the early 1970's   he had 27 years as a serving officer and can not find any detail on him

thanks in advance for any suggestions 

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Debra,  On Record search there are two records listed but they are not open - if you put his name Vivian Bourne into the search you will find them - don't worry about service number

As he was a career officer his records would not be online and you may have to contact Army Records to get a copy

these links might help with further information


Hi Elizabeth 

thank you for your reply I do appreciate the guidance.  I will try the additional links you suggested, and fingers crossed it will put me on the right path

many thanks




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