I am researching my family tree and have reached a dead end with my paternal grandmother's brothers and sister. I am wondering if any of them emigrated to Australia. Not sure how to start the search. Her siblings were Adamina Reid born Edinburgh Scotland in 1888 and two brothers, both also born in Edinburgh,  Adam Forbes Reid b 1892 and George Forbes Reid b 1889. There is no record of them in the UK after the 1911 Census i.e. no marriages or deaths. Mother was Agnes Reid. I can't find them as casualties in WW1.

How to I use the Record Search to find them. It seems a bit complicated what with all the different agencies. Any help would be appreciated.

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Dave,  You won't find Births deaths & marriages information on this national archives site - they are available through the various states BDM registries - some of them are online

You can also check immigration records online for some states but it would be unlikely their middle names would be listed on these records and REID is a common name


If you have access to ancestry.com you could check australian electoral roll listings

Do you know what their fathers names was?  If so we can check BDM for the various states to see if we can find them

I have found a George Forbes REID in the australian electoral rolls living in Victoria so I will check the victorian deaths to see if I can find him



Dave,  I followed up on the George Forbes REID in the electoral rolls & death index  and he is a different George to the one you are looking for - just a co-incidence with the names - his parents names & age at death do not match either

Did you find the family in 1911 in England?   I can only find them in 1901 in Scotland



Thank you Elizabeth. My reply should have gone here.

Thank you very much for your assistance Elizabeth. I really am clutching at straws as these three people seem to have completely disappeared.

Carry on searching I suppose. Thank you once again.

Dave,  Well hopefully a family member will find your message and be able to assist you

Did your grandmother die in victoria?  What was her name & who did she marry?


Elizabeth, these people were my grandmothers brothers and sister. They were all brought up in Edinburgh although my great grandmother eventually lived and died in Kelty, Fife. My grandmother, although born in East Lothian, lived nearly all her life in Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland.

All my great grandmothers family were illegitimate but I suspect that the three I am looking for all had the same father. Of course the birth certificates don't name him. A committee member of the Fife Family History Society mentioned to me that there was a George Forbes Reid listed in Victoria Australia and I thought that I would at least try to check it out.

I still can't believe that three people can just disappear. Seems like carelessness to me!!

Dave,   Sorry I misunderstood what you meant in your first message

At least you know now that the George Forbes REID who was living in Victoria is not him

On the family search site (LDS) there are quite a few people listed with the exact same name as him

Did their mother ever marry?  If so they may have taken on their stepfathers surname?



Thanks Elizabeth

The mother Agnes Reid, my great grandmother, never married. On her death certificate she is described as single. That was in 1914. I have my family tree back to the late 1700's on both sides but this branch has been niggling my brother and I for quite a while.

You are obviously into family history research. If you ever need any Scottish information do not hesitate to contact me. I am a member of the Aberdeen and North East of Scotland Family History Society. Not sure if you are allowed to put email addresses in these messages.

As I say I won't give up the search. My father was left a bequest from one of the sons in the 1960's so one of them was alive until then. But who and where?

The name on the female birth certificate is Adamina. What did she call herself? Ada, Ina, Minnie, who knows.


Dave,  I wish I had known you a few years ago as two sides of my family came from Aberdeen and it is difficult here in australia to access scottish records

My gg grandfather was born in 1816 in Aberdeen - he came to australia in 1844 as a convict guard with the 99th regiment of foot (Lanarkshire regiment)

I have never been able to find his parents marriage and I suspect it is just missing from the records

His name was Arthur ALLEN b. 1816 Aberdeen

father was possibly George

mother was Margaret McKAY (listed on his marriage & death cert here in australia)

I know he had a sister Ann ALLEN who is mentioned in his military records but never been able to find anything about her

I did find a baptism in 1816 in Banchory Devenick for an Arthur ALLEN with father George but the mothers name was listed as Margaret BLAIR so not sure it is the right one

I have never been able to find anything about George ALLEN & Margaret BLAIR in scottish records

You can send email addresses privately via the profile section - you need to "friend request" to be able to send a private message - not a good idea to post them online

I have REID in my family as well & on some records they are listed as READ

That bequest your father got from one of the sons - didn't it have any info on it about where he was living at the time?




Elizabeth, I have had some progress with the Reid kids. Of course I knew my Grandmother. Found out last night that Adam joined the Cameron Highlanders before WW1, served through the war, re-enlisted and was retired with a pension after 21 years service in 1930. 37d a day in old money which was probably a handy weekly sum. Strange that my late father also served in the Cameron HIghlanders from 1926 till the late 30's and then again all through WW2. Bet my father never knew that his uncle was in the same regiment at the same time. 

Also found out who the father was. He was Adam Forbes, a drayman, who also lived in Edinburgh. So all in all a bit of progress.

Fine on your north east ancestors. At least your gg grandfather didn't get shipped over as a convict! When you read some of the old papers there were very severe sentences for what would be called petty crimes these days.

I will see if I can work out how to send you my email address.

Cheers for now


Dave,  That is great news about the progress you have made

I will send you my email address via a private message



Hi Dave,

This may be your Adam?

Adam F. REID

Date of Death Registration: Jun 1963
Age at Death: 70 (born c1893)
Registration district: Bethnal Green, London
Volume: 5c
Page: 177

England and Wales National Probate Calendar

Adam Forbes REID

Died 1963

An Adam Forbes REID appears on the London electoral rolls from 1935.




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